Think Pink

As I said on Wednesday, I am ready for spring. Even though January is one of those weird months where yes, it is still winter, I don’t necessarily want to keep wearing berries and reds all the time. (I’m talking lips, by the way. My eye makeup stays the same pretty much all year, so I just change it up season to season with lip products). I’ve been trying to find a good pink shade, as I find most pinky neutrals either have too much brown in them, aren’t pigmented enough to show up on my lips. While looking for something completely different at Shopper’s the other day, I decided to look at Revlon’s lipsticks because they were on sale (hooray!) And guess what? I came out with four different shades of pink, and I love each of them.


(L-R Strawberry Shortcake, Gentlemen Prefer Pink, Sultry Samba, Sweet Tart)


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