Parks & Recreation

I got home today from a long day at school (it really wasn’t that long, it just felt long), wanting to veg and celebrate my last midterm before reading week next week being done, I turn on my new favourite show, Parks & Recreation. I know I’m a little late to this party too (I just got caught up with Downton Abbey last month). I tried multiple times to watch Parks & Rec, but never could get into it. The first time I tried (when it came out six years ago), I was expecting it to be just like The Office (since it was created by Michael Schur and Gregg Daniels), but it wasn’t. Then I tried a few other times, but was more interested in watching other shows. Then after finishing some pretty heavy dramas over the last while, I decided to give Parks & Rec one more time. This time, it stuck. It’s a mixture of the great writing you expect from The Office, quirky characters like 30 Rock, and ridiculousness like Brooklyn Nine-nine. I have been telling anyone who will listen about how great this is, and definitely tweeting almost daily my favourite quotes. Are you a fan? I need someone to share this with!



ps. Don’t we all need a friend like Leslie Knope?