Spring Fashion Trends

With the weather outside being so delightful, and the thought of spring not being so far away anymore, I thought I would share some of my favourite fashion trends for Spring 2015 from the runways to the stores.

1. Gingham. I like to think of gingham as Spring’s answer to plaid. It’s easier to dress up and adds a bit of fun to your wardrobe.jcrewgingham{source, J Crew}

2. Stripes. Stripes are always a hit, but especially this spring. I’ve noticed a lot of black and white, and thicker stripes too. A striped shirt is perfect for the weekend, or paired with a blazer or pencil skirt for the office. But a striped skirt? Now that’s just perfection.shabbyapplestripedskirt{source, Shabby Apple}

3. Florals. Yes, spring does mean florals and this isn’t really a new thing. But this season, they’re big and they’re bold and they’re beautiful. katespadefloralskirt{source, Kate Spade}

What trends are you most excited about this spring?