My (Straight) Hair Routine

IMG_1566At the moment, I’ve been keeping my haircare routine pretty standard. I do have naturally wavy/curly hair, but due to a bad haircut I had a few months back, my layers are still too short for me to style my hair naturally on a regular basis. (I should also point out that although I am currently only using products from one specific brand, this is not a sponsored post).IMG_1499-1This is what I start with. After washing my hair with Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco shampoo and conditioner (which I’ve talked about here), I squeeze out the excess water from my hair and let it dry a bit while I get dressed and eat.IMG_1569The first thing I do before combing out my hair is spritz Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer. Because I love my styling tools, I need something to protect it and this does a great job. It also works as a leave-in treatment, making it super easy to comb out those nasty tangles.IMG_1570 Once the primer is combed in, I spray Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray in, especially at the roots. I then take a tiny amount of Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme (no more than a dime-sized amount) and run that through the lengths. I then take my trusty comb and comb my hair again to make sure that all of the product is evenly distributed.IMG_1574 I then blow my hair dry. Currently I am using a Conair hair dryer (I don’t know what the style number is). It’s not a special one, but it gets the job done and it’s pink, so I’m happy. I will blow dry my hair upside down for the most part, to give it a bit of volume at the roots, but not the whole time just to avoid all of that frizz. Once most of my hair is dry, I take my Drybar Lemon Drop Flat Brush to brush out my hair and help with straightening it out. IMG_1580When I’m positive that my hair is completely dry, I brush it out, then section it off in order to straighten it. Right now, I am loving the Hold It Together Blow Dry Clips from Sephora. I also use these for pining back my hair when I’m doing my makeup. They can hold a lot of hair, and they don’t kink, which I love. The straightener that I am currently using is the CHI Air Classic Tourmaline 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron (I do want a new one though, so send your recommendations my way!). I then straighten each section of my hair, starting with the bottom layers, curling the ends in ever so slightly, just so that it’s not pin straight. IMG_1545-1And voila! This is the end result. I think from beginning to end, this takes me about twenty to thirty minutes, depending on how wet my hair is once I start to blow dry it. I promise once my hair starts to cooperate with its natural wave, I will post my wavy/curly haircare routine!

  • Any chance you’d sell me your old straightener when you buy a new one? 🙂 Lovely post. I blow-dry my hair upside down the entire time and I never even thought that not doing that would eliminate frizz, I’m going to try that!!

    • Yeah, for sure! It might be a few months before I get a new one, but I will keep you posted!

  • I love the BB range. I have the surf spray for when I wnt to make my slightly curly hair a bit wavier, and its great!

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