Irish Nails

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would share my top green polishes to get you into the spirit and keep those pinching fingers at bay.

IMG_1589(L-R Essie Fashion Playground, First Timer, Shake Your $$ Maker, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover)

Essie, Fashion Playground. In the photo, this does look like it has more a blue tint, but I promise it is green. I think this is the most true minty green that I have. When you are in natural sunlight, it is definitely green, you’ll just have to trust me on this. It also has the faintest hint of shimmer, which is not very noticeable, but still really pretty. Great if you don’t like dark or flashy nails.

Essie, First Timer. I’d say this is more of a classic light (but bright) green. Essie calls this the “adorable newbie green”. So true. I love this shade, because it’s fun, but more of an obvious green compared to “Find Me an Oasis”.

Essie, Shake Your $$ Maker. This is very green. Like green-green. Think Elphaba green. Essie calls this “electric green”, but on me it’s more muted, likely due to my fairer skin tone. It also has more of a matte finish than any of the others.

China Glaze, Four Leaf Clover. This one is appropriately named and perfect for your celebrations on the 17th. Unfortunately, the lighting of this picture doesn’t do it justice. This is really the perfect Kelly Green (my favourite colour when I was 16, so much so that my childhood room is painted this colour). There’s no way that you won’t be noticed with this pretty polish on your nails. I’ll be rocking this one come the weekend, and my fingers can’t wait!