Bedroom Inspiration

We’ve been in our current place for almost a year and I’m pretty happy with how the space is turning out. I still have a few things to finish, like putting up a gallery wall in the living room, and the never ending dejunking, but one thing that I’m still not happy with is our bedroom. When we moved in, we bought a lot of new furniture, but only bought a new dresser for our room. I am really itching to change our bedroom up and spend hours browsing Nordstrom and IKEA for new ideas, not to mention the thousands of pins I look at. I spent some time on Polyvore this week, putting together a couple of new bedroom looks. The first is my dream, if my husband had no say (which he would say is true anyway) and no budget. The second is what will likely be the changes, and something I think Christopher would be more likely to approve of.


As you can see, I love all things chevron, stripes and gold with some classic white and grey thrown in for good measure. I’m hoping that I can make this a reality, or at least parts of it sometime this summer. I promise to share the experience when I do!