Dry Shampoos

I have used dry shampoos for many years, but it was never a staple in my routine until recently. But there are so many choices, and it can be hard to figure out what to get. There are so many formulas, and so many different claims. What to choose? I thought I would help you out today by sharing a few of my favourites (at every budget), all of which offer different solutions to your hair issues (more than just a quick fix for oily hair).

FullSizeRender (10)Pantene Pro-V, Blowout Extend Dry Shampoo ($5). I find all of the Pantene dry shampoos to be about the same, although there are a few different ones. I find these to be perfect for second day hair when I’m not too oily, but need something to dry it up a bit. As long as you shake it up enough, there is no white residue, which makes it perfect when I only have a few minutes to get ready.

Batiste, Dry Shampoo ($9). My current favourite (I talked about it in my March favourites). This is slightly heavier than the Pantene, but not so heavy that I feel it in my hair throughout the day. I think this is the first dry shampoo that I have ever found that actually makes my hair feel cleaner. I can use this on second, third and even fourth day hair (as long as I’m keeping it up in a bun) . It has the slightest bit of white residue, but it only takes a bit to work it in and then it’s gone for good.

Bumble and bumble, Prêt-à-Powder ($31). This is a non-aerosol dry shampoo. It is a white powder, then when applied to your roots acts as a dry shampoo, volumizer and style-extender. I find that this works best for me on days when I need some grip to my hair, especially when I’m putting it up or braiding it. You have to be careful with this though, because it can be difficult to blend in, so less is definitely more!

Drybar, Detox Dry Shampoo ($27, not pictured). This is definitely the heaviest dry shampoo I have ever used. If you like a lot of lift, and don’t mind the feeling of product in your hair, this is for you. I loved using this on second and third day hair when I still wanted to wear my hair down. It also worked great for adding the volume and bulk I need when wearing my hair in a bun (short, fine hair does not a pretty topknot make). I could definitely feel the product build up after days of using it, but I didn’t mind because it made styling a lot easier.

What is your favourite dry shampoo? Do you use it extend your blowout, or add some grip to your style?

  • I love Batiste, no other dry shampoo I’ve used seems to be as good as it. Although, I’d definitely like to try that Bumble & Bumble powder!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • I love batiste, no other dry shampoo ive tried seems to be as good as it. Although, I’d definitely be interested in giving that Bumble and Bumble powder a go!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • I love LUSH’s No Drought dry shampoo, just did a review. I’m amazed at how expensive some brands are. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  • I have the Batiste one, and although it took me some time to learn how to use it, I now love it. For me the key is to “massage” it in so there is absolutely no white residue.

    • I agree! Also, I’ve found that the more you shake it, the less white comes out too.

  • I’ve tried Batiste and like it, but it’s not perfect so I might give to Pantene one a go some time soon 😉

    If you’d like you could check out my new blog http://aaarabesque.blogspot.com – I’d be honored 😉

  • I was wanting to try out dry shampoo for a very long time but I never was able to pick one that would be good for me. There are just too many of them! Maybe I will try to get a hold of Batiste one since everyone seems to be happy with it 🙂

    -L | The Nerdy Me

    • The Batiste one is definitely a great one for a dry shampoo beginner! I hope it works well for you!

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