June Birchbox Unboxing

junebirchboxunboxing2015-3I originally planned on doing my Birchbox and Ipsy unboxing in one post, but when I went to start writing this, I couldn’t find my Ipsy bag. I didn’t want to put it off another day, so I’ll just have to do my Ipsy unboxing in a separate post — I hope that’s okay! Thankfully my box was mailed earlier than normal this month, so I actually got it before the last day of the month! Birchbox, for those that don’t know, are monthly beauty subscription services that send you 4-5 deluxe samples (and sometimes full size) of products based on your tastes, hair type, skin type, etc. This is my fourth Birchbox. So far, I’ve been generally pleased with them, so we’ll see if that continues.junebirchboxunboxing2015-2This month’s Birchbox was a collaboration with The Tig, Meghan Markle’s (from Suits — new season starts on Wednesday!) lifestyle site.


Beauty Protector, Beauty Wash Body Cleanser. This gel cleanser claims to “cleanse the skin without drying”, which I love. It also has a lovely sweet scent. However, as much as I love a travel gel cleanser, I feel like I have enough to last me a while now. The full size retails for $15.

Coastal Scents, Revealed 3 Eyeshadow Quad. This quad is super tiny, but I feel like it will give me a good idea of what the whole palette would be like. I’m not sure that I would describe the shadows as “satiny-smooth”, but they do seem relatively pigmented, and not very chalky. The full palette (which has 20 shadows) retails for $24.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain, Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray (30 ml). Perfect for this time of year, I’m looking forward to trying this one out and seeing how it stacks up with my current favourite salt spray. The full size (147 ml) retails for $27.

Real Chemistry, Luminous 3-Minute Peel (5 ml). Anything that tells me I will have “smoother, brighter skin” after three-minutes sounds perfect for me. This exfoliating acid-free peel is supposed to be good for sensitive skin, so I’m excited to try it out. The full size (50 ml) retails for $58.

Skyn Iceland, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. These are basically a mask for under the eyes, packed with peptides, it is a “cooling treatment to hydrate and refresh stressed skin”. Long days or early mornings will definitely be made better with these. The full size (8 pairs) retails for $33.

Pura Vida, Lace Headband with Charm. I don’t like to wear headbands like this, so I’m not a huge fan. However, it is great for pulling my hair out of my way when I wash my face in the morning or at night. A set of 8 retails for $18.

Overall, I’m kind of on the fence. I’m not overwhelmed with great products, but I’m also not too underwhelmed (can you ever just be whelmed? – name that movie!). I’m most excited about the eye gels, peel and salt spray. In the next few weeks, I plan on going through all my products from my last four boxes to see if it’s really is worth it. If you would like to sign up for your very own Birchbox, you can go here and get a box for July!

What did you get in your Birchbox this month?


  • I remember reading about Birchbox years ago and I wanted them so badly.
    The only problem with a Birchbox–I feel like I would have too many products left unused.
    Have you ever had that issue?

    Thanks for this (and reminding me Birchbox is out there!) 🙂


  • Being just whelmed is totally an option. I am not subscribed to any box, because I feel I wouldn’t use too many of the products I´d get.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • This seems super useful, but personally, I feel like I would end up not using all of them. Glad you enjoyed it though! 🙂

    Ivana x
    Block of Beauty

  • Ha, I do think you’ve stolen my exact words on how I feel with this box – whelmed!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • The sea salt spray sounds great!


  • Yeah the eye gel pads seem the most interesting, I agree. I got a pack of wipes from that same brand in an ipsy one time and really liked it!

    I’m Not a Beauty Guru

  • How did you like the Skyn Iceland mask?? I got one a long time ago in my Ipsy bag and LOVED it, but can’t seem to locate where to buy them in Canada..

    I used to get Ipsy bags but got bored with it after a while..I didn’t realize we could get Birchbox in Canada!!! Another good one is LooseButton!


    • I actually haven’t tried the eye masks yet, but I plan to in the next few days. I just did a search and it looks like you can purchase the brand at some Shopper’s locations.
      I’ve never heard of LooseButton. I’ll have to check that one out!

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