Rose Gold Nails

rosegoldnailsWhile going through my collection, I started to notice some similarities between a few of my shades and found that I may be having a bit of a rose gold moment right now. Rose gold is one of those shades that is just too beautiful not to be obsessed with. I usually try not to buy shades that are too similar, but when they’re all this pretty, it’s hard not to.


rosegoldnails-butterlondonchampersbutter LONDON, Champers. This is shade with a good amount of shimmer to it. This fast drying formula is great for adding some glitz to your nails without being too sparkly or having to worry about the pain that is removing glitter polish. It’s best when two or three coats are applied, but it’s definitely okay with just one coat if you aren’t going for a completely opaque look.

rosegoldnails-nicoleopiitstartswithmeNicōle by OPI, It Starts With Me. If you save some money, then this one is actually a pretty good dupe for Champers. Another gorgeous shade with some serious shimmer (more than Champers), but again still easy to take off. One thing that I really love about this one is that the brush is so large you can get a nail done is just one swipe.

rosegoldnails-essiepennytalkEssie, Penny Talk. I have been loving this shade for the greater part of this year. If I could pick ten shades to wear for the rest of the year (ooh, new post idea?) this would definitely be in that group (I have over 100 bottles of nail polish, so that would actually be hard to do). Unlike the others, this one has more of a metallic finish rather than a shimmery one. It also has more of a copper tone to it, but is still a gorgeous rose gold in the right lighting. The consistency of this one is quite thick (but not difficult), so you can definitely get away with one coat.

Are you a fan of rose gold or other metallic shades?

ps. Wedding nails, spring nails, and bright toes.

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