10 Things That Will Make You Smile Today

tenthingsthatwillmakeyousmileI was having a bad day yesterday, and really needed a laugh. I thought maybe someone else could use a smile today, so I am sharing ten moments from my favourite shows, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and lift your spirit a bit.

Kevin’s Famous Chilli (The Office, “Casual Friday”)

This biscotti moment (Gilmore Girls, “Ballrooms and Biscotti”)

Mary Tyler Moore Tyler Moore Moore Moore (Happy Endings, “Party of Six”)

Secret weapon! (The Office, “Basketball”)

Lorelai thinks she’s dating Luke (Gilmore Girls, “Raincoats and Recipes”)

Andy’s secrets (Parks and Recreation, “New Slogan”)

Nick uses Schmidt’s conditioner (New Girl, “Bells”)

Snake Juice (Parks and Recreation, “The Fight”)

Kenneth’s accent (30 Rock, “The Bubble”)

Nick hates doors (New Girl, “Menzies”)

And while we’re on the subject of Nick Miller.. here’s a bonus from Jake Johnson:

I hope you are having a lovely Thursday, and that something makes you smile today! Be sure to come back tomorrow for a review of my latest read.

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