The Weekend Post | 08.08.15

theweekendpost080815After a weekend of camping, my motivation to do anything has gone completely downhill this week. I waited at least three days to do laundry, and only put our dirty dishes from the week into the dishwasher last night. I know that sounds super lazy, but it’s life. I guess I’ve been in a bit of a vacation mindset lately, so I’ve been happier to watch more and more episodes of That 70’s Show on Netflix than actually do something about the current state of our house. Something has thankfully switched in my brain in the last 24 hours, so I can see floors now, and our dishes are clean.

Besides my lethargic behaviours this week, it has also been one full of birthdays — well two in my immediate family. My nephew Joey, had his fourth birthday on Tuesday, and my mom’s birthday was yesterday. We got together on Tuesday for Joey’s birthday and ate at Chili’s. I love that every time I told Joey he should do something, his response was “but it’s my birthday!” Thankfully the weather has turned around for the better and this weekend will be a nice one. No more rain (for at least for a day or two). Oh, and on another cheerful note, I got the best shirt this week. I have to stop myself from wearing it every day, but maybe I should just give in, because it’s that good.

As I’ve been spending a lot of time attached to the laptop this week, I have some great online goodies to share with you.

Penn and Teller on Jimmy Fallon (ps, does anyone else just think of Drell from Sabrina the Teenage Witch?).

This Etsy shop is perfect for those of us who love to remind others to use proper grammar.

Laura Osnes and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (it gave me chills, and definitely made me cry)

25 Home Organization Ideas

Rachel Purcell’s stunning photos from her baby’s blessing day

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer weekend!

ps. the perfect red lipthoughts on unemployment and the joy of a savasana.

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