Empties | Products I’ve Used Up #6

augustempties2This month’s collection of empty products is definitely smaller than other months, but still significant. I am amazed every month that I manage to finish 5+ products every time. As you’ll see, I finished a lot of skin care this month, as well as a few hair and body products and one makeup item. I’m nearly finished something from my Finish 5 By Fall Challenge too, but I want to save that for next month.


augustempties-sundayshampoofibralogyserumBumble and bumble, Sunday Shampoo. I have loved using this clarifying shampoo all year. I use a lot of products in my hair, from dry shampoo to styling cremes to hairspray, so it tends to get a lot of build up by the end of the week. I talked about this in my March Favourites post, but it’s honestly been a favourite every month. I bought a new bottle last week so that I wouldn’t have to go a week without it.

L’Oreal Hair Expertise, Fibralogy Thickening Booster. I shared a review of the Fibralogy line last month, which you can read here. As I said in my review last month, I definitely noticed a change in the thickness of my hair after using this with the shampoo and conditioner. Now that I have finished this serum, I’m interested to see if those changes continue with just the shampoo and conditioner, and after I finish those as well. I won’t repurchasing this soon, but would definitely consider it in the future. I think in terms of obvious results, I prefer Bumble and bumble’s (Really) Thickening Serum (you can read my review here).

augustempties-originskiehlsfreshKiehl’s, Ultra Facial Toner. I talked about this toner in my skin care routine post, which you can find here. I definitely liked using this, as it adding moisture to my dehydrated skin, and was really soothing. I’m not sure right now that it’s essential to my routine, so I won’t be repurchasing soon, but I would definitely recommend it, and would be it again.

Kiehl’s, Ultra Facial Cream. I also talked about this in one of my skin care routine posts from April (read it here). I loved using this as my moisturizer in the evenings. It’s rich and hydrating, but doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I want to buy another one, but I still have one or two jars of other moisturizer to finish first. I would also like to try the lighter moisturizer for daytime use.

Fresh, Soy Face Cleanser. This was a deluxe sample that I got with one of my Sephora orders a few months back. Though I’m not keen on the smell, this cleanser was really gentle and made my skin feel clean and soft without any dryness. I don’t think I will purchase the full size, as it is a bit pricey for what it is.

Origins, Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb. Another sample from one of my Sephora orders. I love this serum. It’s light, smells really great, and makes my skin feel amazing. It brightens, softens and hydrates my skin. I purchased the full size last month, and still love using it every day. I am now curious to try the new mask from the same ‘Original Skin’ line.

augustempties-beautyprotectorbeekindcovergirlBeauty Protector, Beauty Wash Body Cleanser. I received this sample in my June box from Birchbox. It smells great, and was definitely moisturizing. Unfortunately, as far as body washes go, it wasn’t amazing, and definitely nowhere close to my favourite. I would not purchase the full size.

BeeKind, Shower Gel. Another Birchbox sample (from April). Once again, I like the smell, and felt it did it’s job, but I just wasn’t super impressed with one, so I won’t be buying the full size.

Covergirl, Full Lash Bloom Mascara. I’ve talked about this mascara a lot (here, here and here) because it really is amazing. It gives my lashes length and separation, as well as volume (without any clumping) when I use two or three coats. It has definitely become a holy grail mascara for me, and I am using a new one and have a back up ready as well.

Have you tried any of these products? What have you finished recently?

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