The Weekend Post | 08.22.15

theweekendpost082215It’s been a really busy week over here this week. I feel like I’ve spent more time outside of the house than in it, which is very different from previous weeks. Summer is winding down, and I have been wanting to do things before school takes up the majority of my time again.

I spent a lot of time with my sister and her adorable kiddos this week, going out for breakfast, doing some shopping, and spending a day at the zoo. I haven’t been to the zoo in 6 years (other than Zoo Lights), so it was nice to finally get back there. I also got to see the penguins, which was really cool, though Christopher was bummed that I went without him.

Another first for me this week was going to a Drive-In movie. When I was younger, there was a Drive-In theatre here in Calgary, but it shut down before I was old enough to go (I had a really early bedtime as a kid, so I was never allowed to go). For the past two summers, the mall complex by our house (which is currently being completely renovated) has put on a free Drive-In event. We decided to go on Wednesday night to see E.T., but because of the wind they had to stop the movie after about an hour. It was so disappointing, but now I can say I’ve been to the Drive-In… sort of.

As for other lovely things, here are my favourite links from the week

Disney has announced their movie line-up for the next two years  (I’m really excited about Finding Dory)

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Egg Russian Roulette with Zac Efron 

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I was supposed to go shooting with my husband and father-in-law today, but the rain yesterday put a wrench in our plans, but we are still planning to go the Cobb’s Corn Maze with my family, which should be a lot of fun (and probably really muddy too).

I hope you have all had a fantastic week! Be sure to come back next week for some posts on transitioning to fall and my non-beauty favourites!

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