Non-Beauty Favourites | Summer 2015

summernonbeautyfavouritesEvery month I share my beauty favourites, and rarely do I talk about all the other things in my life that I am loving. I’ve decided to start sharing those in a post (likely quarterly) where I share all the things that have been making me smile.nonbeautyfavourites4I have been really enjoying a few shows right now, namely Suits (which just had its mid-season finale. Ahh!) and That 70’s Show, which has been my current Netflix obsession. However, though both of those shows are great, the show I have been most excited about this summer is The Jim Gaffigan Show. Jim Gaffigan is definitely one of my favourite comedians, and his new show definitely lives up to the hype. It’s hilarious — like watch it five times, and laugh harder each time kind of funny.

I have been trying to get into a better nightly routine lately as I will be going back to school in a few weeks, and definitely need to get more sleep. If you’re following me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been having a lot of peppermint tea lately. In order to relax more so I can sleep at night, I’ve been having a cup of peppermint tea (Tetley Pure Peppermint is my current favourite) most nights before I go to bed. Peppermint tea is really the only kind of tea that I like, so I always have some on hand. I love the taste, and the warmth always calms me down at night. It will be even better come fall time when the nights are colder. Speaking of relaxing, I have been loving Bath & Body Works candles again this summer, especially this one (which I talked about in my June favourites), but I also have another that I have been loving (possibly a little more). Endless Weekend is a really fresh scent with mandarin, vanilla and coconut, that just makes our home smell nice without being too overpowering. I also really love the glass holder, because I think they are classier than their typical candles.

In terms of fashion, I have been loving this bag from H&M. It’s perfect for Sundays, when I want a nice bag that also carries a lot (I teach a Sunday School class of five year-olds, so I always need supplies), and just day to day (I will likely use it for school as well). I will be sharing what is in my bag in another post soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that if you are interested. I have also been loving this top (also from H&M), which I got for my birthday (similar here). My favourite way to wear it has been with a simple black pencil skirt (similar here), as I find it gives some interest to my style without any extra effort. To finish off the look, I swear by my nude wedges (similar here), which I picked up at Spring a few summers ago. They go with everything, and I find the nude colour keeps my outfits looking fresh and light for summer.

summernonbeautyfavourites2Lastly, I have been back on the Pinterest wagon this summer. I stopped spending much time on there about a year ago because I was finding I was just pinning things for pinning sake, and wasn’t feeling inspired like I used to be. I’ve recently had a resurgence of love for the site, and have begun spending more time there, but not aimless like before. I love Pinterest for party and diy ideas, my reading list, beauty, hair and style inspiration, and especially for new ideas for our home (current and the dream one too).

What have you been loving this summer? Are you ready for it to be over yet?

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