Stationery Inspiration


Happy September! September to me means a new semester, a new start, and an excuse to buy pretty papers and pens. With a new semester starting next week, I’ve been looking for a new planner (since my current one is being used as my editorial calendar). I love the look of all the new Kate Spade planners, especially this striped one (which I had in 2013/2014), but I am also a big fan of’s cute planners too. With a new planner, my mind turns to cute and colourful pens, like these, and these ones too. Also helping to keep me organized, I’ve been eyeing adorable notepads like this one and this, which will make me happier to write out all my many to-do lists. While I usually stick with simple notebooks for classes, at home, I love notebooks that have beautiful designs to inspire me. I love using washi tape for everything, like scrapbooking, party invites, and right now I am envisioning how it would spice up my to-do lists and planners. And to add some extra cuteness and style to my office, I am loving these Eiffel Tower paper clips, and slightly drooling over this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland calendar. As you can see, basically anything with stripes, florals and bright colours are catching my eye right now.

Are you a fan of pretty stationery like me? Do you find pretty papers and pens inspire your creativity?

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  • These are some really cute stationary picks! I’ve never really found that pretty stationary is more creatively inspiring than others, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy having something pretty. I really love wandering through Indigo at their stationary section, particularly their journals – they’re so lovely!


    • Indigo does have the prettiest journals! I worked there for a long time, and would also buy new journals when they came out, even though I definitely didn’t need more!

  • Ahhh! These are so cute! I have to go out shopping for notebooks and whatnot too!
    Defintely head into chapters and look at all their planners, they’re adorable. (I think they carry Kate Spade and too)

    • Aren’t they? Chapters is definitely my go-to place for cute stationery, especially since they carry Kate Spade and I actually worked there for four years, so I have had quite the collection!