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bts-styleinspirationWhen I was younger, I can remember going back-to-school shopping only once or twice. My mom is not a fan of shopping (not sure where I picked up that gene), so she never made a big deal about picking out new outfits before a new school year started. I’m pretty sure I would beg her to take me shopping for new clothes daily (or at least I wanted to), but it never helped. Despite this, I would still spend hours thinking about what to wear on the first day of school and would practice putting together outfits. I even remember what I wore my first day of grade one (denim short-alls with a floral trim and a t-shirt). When I started working in high school, I loved having my own money to buy a few things before a new year. With my final semester of university coming up, I am looking through my closet, mentally putting together outfits, and thinking about what I can add.

This year, I want to stick with staples that will be essy to put together in the mornings, easy to wear throughout the day, and be something I can mix and match through my weekday and weekend wardrobes. I love this striped boatneck top from J. Crew, which would go great with denim, black pants and skirts too (especially this one). For chilly mornings, I love a good knit scarf, like this oatmeal coloured one or a lighter one while the weather is still warm. My obsession with white chucks will certainly not end this fall, so I will definitely be wearing them to add a casual vibe, and keep my feet warm too if it’s too cold for flats (hopefully that doesn’t actually happen for a while though). I am still planning on using my H&M handbag for school this semester, but how adorable is this tote (also in mint)? Finally, a cute and simple watch, like this one from Kate Spade and these specs (though I don’t need them) would be the perfect items to finish off this studious look.

Do you (or did you) go back-to-school shopping before each new year? I’d love to know whether or not I’m the only one that spends so much time thinking about what to wear on that oh-so-important (but not really) first day of school.


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  • I love the outfit you put together! I feel like I don’t quite have the flair for making whole outfits. If I were back to school this month I would definitely be using this as inspiration!

    We went back-to-school shopping, from what I remember, every year. My sister and I weren’t really ones for buying clothes throughout the year, so we always did a big trip. I always put a lot of thought into what I would wear, but they were pretty simple, usually!


    • Thanks, Erin! I’m all about the simple looks most days, I find that works best so I can spice it up with accessories, and also get away with having fewer pieces in my wardrobe.

  • Kate Spade watches are awesome!
    I have one from last year in Rose Gold, thanks for reminding me because now I need to figure out where I put it…

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I really need to get a Kate Spade watch. They are so classic.

  • Love it! I would wear the exact same Outfit if I’d have to go back to school again :DD
    Looks comfy but also effortless chic – perfect if you ask me 😉

    Love, Kerstin

  • I like that top- it’s cute.

    I used to care about the first day of school when I was in high school and would buy something special for that day. It wasn’t a big deal to me in university though. I went to school year round and worked and lived on campus so people saw me in all kinds of clothes anyways.

    When my youngest 2 children started school I used to make sure they had a nice outfit for the first day but then I realized that it doesn’t really matter. Clothes are clothes and kids destroy them no matter what store they come from. This year I let them each choose their own t-shirt from the store and that was it. They each wore a t-shirt and a pair of shorts andI just shrugged it off.

    • Isn’t it? I’ll basically buy anything with stripes.
      I can totally understand why moms don’t spend the extra money and time on getting back to school clothes. I’m sure if I do with our kids, it would be more about me shopping for cute new clothes rather than it being about them. Ha ha.

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