How to Transition Your Nail Polish | Summer to Fall

transitioningnailpolishtofallBefore we get to my favourite nail polishes for fall, I thought I would share some of my favourites for the transition to fall. Though I would be quite happy to jump into September with favourites like Bahama Mama, I prefer to ease into it with neutrals, light plums and cherry reds. Going through my collection I had probably 10 or 12 polishes I could share in this post, but decided to narrow it down to four (mostly because I didn’t want to paint my nails that many times…)


essiechinchillyIf you’re moving from off-white or minty shades, grey is a lovely place to start for fall. My current favourite is Take it Outside, which is from last year’s fall collection. It’s almost identical to Master Plan, so you really don’t need both (though of course, I do). Described as a “punchy, fresh taupe”, this shade is perfect to start the season. It’s light, but not unnoticeable and will complement any outfit. Chinchilly is another great grey option, but deeper and with more of a brown tone to it. I’d say it’s perfect for those who love shades like Topless and Barefoot or Thrilling from Formula X.

essiereallyredFor fans of hot pinks and lilacs, I would go for a bright reddish-plum like Big Spender. I talked about this one in my post dedicated to my purple polishes, which you can read here. I love this one because it’s darker than most summer colours, but it’s not deep like Bahama Mama or Carry On, so it not as jarring if you’re not ready for those yet. If you favour corals or orange-y reds, I would choose a classic, but not-too-dark-red like Really Red. It’s a lovely cherry red that could honestly be worn any time of the year, and is a good stepping stone to darker shades like A-List or Bordeaux.

What shades are you sporting this month? Do you tend to transition your nail colours, or jump right into plums and dark greys?

ps. how transition your wardrobe and beauty routine from summer to fall.

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