The Weekend Post | 10.04.15

theweekendpost100415-3Happy Sunday! It’s been a crazy week, which is why I missed posting on Friday, which I hated doing, but that’s life. I spent the week getting rid of things that we don’t have a use for anymore (or the space), and selling a lot of it too. How great is it when a stranger will give me money for things I don’t need? It’s super great. With that money I was able to finally get some proper night stands and new lamps for our bedroom. I still have a few changes to make before I’m ready to share our bedroom tour in a post, but I plan to do that this month! I also spent some time translating verses from the Bible in Old English into Modern English, you know, as you do.


Sweater (similar) // Jeans // Shoes (similar) // Bag (similar)

The thing that took up most of time and energy this week though, was hosting a baby shower. I really do love planning parties, but it takes so much time and energy that I am often overwhelmed even before it starts. This time though, I was smarter and did a better job of delegating responsibilities, so it turned out pretty well. Perhaps I will do a dedicated post on the details in the future. Although I was completely drained by the end of Friday night, I loved every minute of it and was happy to spend time with some gals that I rarely get to see.

As for my favourite links from the week, here’s what I’ve been loving:

Parks and Rec fans will love this interview with Rob Lowe

How to style shelves 

This sneak peak of the NARS & Steven Klein Gifting Collection

Cute ways to style short hair (I still have no intension of cutting my hair, but still love this)

This gorgeous floral dress is perfect for fall

I hope you have had a lovely week, and are enjoying your weekend!


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