5 Blogs You Should Be Reading

fiveblogsyoushouldbereadingBeing a blogger, I definitely read my fair share of blogs. I’ve known a few other bloggers who say they choose not to read other blogs so that they will keep their content original and not be swayed by the opinions of others, but I completely disagree with that. I think it’s important to be aware of your community, and to participate in it. If you were to look at my Bloglovin’ feed, you’d see that I follow 100+ blogs, which I know is a lot, but there are only a handful that I truly love and will read every day (or try to), so I thought I would share them with you today.

A Cup of Jo.
Joanna’s blog was probably one of the first monetized blogs that I ever read. I discovered her site at least six years ago, and have always loved her perspective on life, not to mention that she is a New Yorker and I have always dreamed of living in New York. Now that A Cup of Jo is quite a bit bigger than it was when I started reading, Joanna has added an editor and other contributors, but I still love that it reads the same way it did when I started reading years ago. Also, the comments section is wonderful. There are always personal, thought-provoking posts being put out which lends to personal, thought-provoking comments.

Pink Peonies.
I discovered Rachel’s blog within the last year and have since been so taken by her style. From her beautiful home to her spot on style to her adorable family, Rach lets us into her charmed life with stunning photos, and casual anecdotes. If you love Valentino heels, daily outfit inspiration or just everything girly, Rachel is your girl.

Vivianna Does Makeup.
Anna is where it’s at when it comes to beauty blogging as far as I’m concerned. She is knowledgeable, but her writing always makes me feel like she’s just talking to a girlfriend. And as an added bonus, Anna also shares bi-weekly videos on her YouTube channel so you can see her adorable personality (and perfect accent) in action.

The Small Things Blog.
Kate is the queen of hair tutorials, as well as the mom of two adorable sons. I always turn to Kate for hair tutorials (in fact, I watched a lot of her videos back in 2012 when I was trying to decide how to do my hair for our wedding), but she also has great beauty and style tips, as well as many personal posts that make you feel like you’re friends.

Kate from gh0stparties has exceptional taste when it comes to basically everything, but especially her home. Kate writes about beauty, fashion, and home. My favourite posts of hers are definitely the ones where she shares updates of her Scotland home (like her new bathroom reno) or her blogging advice, like this video on how to style your photos. Her photos are seriously stunning and she’ll have you wanting to paint your floorboards white very soon.

I feel bad for leaving out a lot of the other bloggers that I love, but it’s hard to share all the love in just one post.

What blogs do you love to read? Have you been following them for a long time, or are they new discoveries?

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