Nail Vinyls from Glam My Mani

glammymanireviewLast month, I was offered the chance to try some nail vinyls from the company Glam My Mani, which are now sold on As you know, I love my polish, but I am not very artistic or creative when it comes to my application. I’ve tried a few DIY nail trends in the past, but they have never worked out for me. After I watched this tutorial from the brand, I decided that it was definitely something I wanted to try and that would probably work out really well for me.

The first time I used them, I learned quickly that there is definitely a bit of a learning curve. Applying them immediately after putting on my top coat of the base colour, even when I was sure it was dry, did not work very well. I found that for me, waiting until the next day, when I was sure that it was completely dry yielded the best results (though 30 minutes to an hour or so would probably be enough time).glammymanireview-2

glammymanireview-3After applying your base colour  (I used this one), and waiting the appropriate time for drying, simply add the vinyl strips to the nail(s) in your desired design. Since I keep my nails pretty short, I’m only able to do two clear chevron strips, with the third being just slightly visible on the tips. Next, apply your second colour (I used this one). Make sure that you apply your second colour to every inch of your nail, since I found it easy to gloss over the edges and not get a precise line when I took off the vinyls. After you have applied the second colour, remove the vinyls from your nail (don’t wait from them to dry).


glammymanireview-5Finally, after the appropriate amount of time for drying, add another layer of your favourite top coat (I used this one), and a quick drying drops as well for extra insurance, if you want. Et voilà, you are left with a fun design that makes it look like you’re a wiz at nail art!

I love the look of my nails right now, and I will definitely be trying out more designs in the future. They are easy to use, and pretty foolproof too, as long as you give yourself enough time so that you’re not rushing it (since we all know that rushing and applying nail polish never ends well).

Have you tried Glam My Mani, or any other nail vinyls? Would you use a product like this in the future?


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