3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

When it comes to most of my life, I’m quite the planner. However, when Halloween rolls around, I am always scrambling to find something to wear at the last minute. Though I’m that girl searching through my closet for something the night before a party, I have come up with some winners in the past, like the time Christopher and I went as Bonnie & Clyde. I am definitely a believer in finding costumes that are easy to put together, easily recognizable and ones that won’t have you spending money that you don’t need to. Today I’m sharing three simple costumes that you can likely put together with items you already own, or would be able to find easily at a thrift store.


Top // Skirt // Cardigan // Loafers // Glasses

When I was seventeen, I went as a librarian to a youth dance. This was probably one of my favourite costumes ever. The trick is to go for muted colours, hair in a bun, and a great pair of glasses (obviously worn on the bridge of your nose). You could also carry a book around, or a sign that reads “shhh!”. If you’re stuck for what kind of librarian you want to be, you can never go wrong with Marian from The Music Man as your inspiration.


Bandana // Jeans // Top // Boots // Lipstick

There’s a reason that everyone from Beyoncé to Leslie Knope  has done Rosie the Riveter. It’s easy, it’s classic, and you get to show off your pipes for that iconic pose. The most important thing for this costume is a denim or chambray top and that red bandana. You can change up your pants for whatever you have in your closet, and while combat boots would be ideal, I don’t think it makes or breaks the look (though a swipe of red lipstick will definitely make it).


Dress // Earrings // Apron // Lipstick // Shoes

While I loved my librarian costume, I think the best one that I’ve done by far was my 1950’s Housewife last year. The night before Halloween last year, I decided that I did want to dress up for work, but had no idea what to be, so after a few looks through my closet, I realized that the best thing would be a 1950’s housewife, because it wouldn’t be too much like dressing up for me. Plus, it was an excuse to wear red lipstick. For this one, any fit and flare or Rockabilly style dress will work (or an a-line skirt with a cardigan or top) plus an apron is a must. A pair of pumps (or flats if you’re not a fan of heels), pearls and some red lipstick will add a nice touch. Plus, you can also bring along a rolling pin or some oven mitts too.

What has been your favourite Halloween costume that you’ve used in the past? Do you have plans for a costume this year?

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