My Favourite Feminine Fragrance

myfavouritefemininefragranceMy mood tends to change from day-to-day, and I can get bored with using the same products over and over. This is probably why I have so many nail polishes and lipsticks, and now a growing fragrance collection. Like my lipsticks, I can’t wear the same perfume every day. I have found some really great ones, like Prada Candy and Nirvana Black from Elizabeth and James. Candy is a favourite for spring and summer, or just every day, and Nirvana Black is my favourite for fall and winter, and evenings. A few months ago, I discovered a new favourite.

lavieestbellereviewTo me, Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle is the perfect feminine fragrance. Though the notes of iris, gourmand and patchouli are not what I would normally gravitate towards, there’s just something about the smell that gets me. It’s sweet, but still makes me feel like a grown up. It’s deep, but not so deep that it gives me a headache. I love wearing this on days when I need a bit of a pick me up, or want to feel pretty. The femininity of La Vie Est Belle is also lovely for a night out when I want something sweeter than Nirvana Black, but not as sweet as Candy. Also, the packaging is lovely. It’s simple, classy, and somehow it fits perfectly in my hand so holding the bottle while I’m spraying it on isn’t awkward like it can be with others.

Have you tried La Vie Est Belle? What fragrance do you like to use when you want to feel more feminine? 


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