5 Instagram Feeds You Should Be Following

fiveinstagramfeedsyoushouldbefollowingI love Instagram. It’s a great place for me to share blog posts and bits of my life, as well as connect with like-minded creatives. It’s also an incredibly inspiring social network. While there might be a lot of criticism out there right now because of the lack of authenticity and that it encourages unhealthy comparisons, I chose to see it as an inspiration. On my blog account, I like to follow fellow beauty, lifestyle and fashion bloggers, along with my favourite beauty brands, and professionals like hair stylists and interior decorators. I love seeing pretty photos in my feed, getting inspiration for my style and our home, and seeing something positive (which means I often don’t read all the comments — because those are scary negative sometimes). I do follow upwards of 350 accounts, and while each are great, I thought I would share five of my current favourites with you today.

Jillian Harris, @jillian.harrisjillianharrisinstagramIf you are Canadian, a fan of the Bachelor franchise, or interior design reality shows, then you probably know who Jillian is. A talented interior designer, and fashionista, Jillian is always sharing beautiful photos of her latest fashion finds, delicious food and her stunning homes or the homes that she renovates on Love it Or List it Vancouver.

Emily Smith, @lovely_dessertlovelydeseretinstagramEmily, a fashion blogger from Utah has impeccable taste. Her blog is all about modest fashion choices, and her Instagram feed is an extension of that. Her makeup is also always on point. Another thing that I love about Emily’s feed is that she focuses on the positive, and is always sharing her beliefs and convictions with her followers.

Tori Wesszer, @fraichenutritionfraichenutritioninstagramAs her handle would suggest, Tori’s blog and Instagram feed are all about sharing fresh food. She is another Canadian (and actually Jillian Harris’s cousin). A registered dietitian and food blogger, everything that Tori shares makes me wish that I could reach into my phone screen and eat it right away.

Shae McGee, @studiomcgeestudiomcgeeinstagramStudio McGee is a full-service interior design firm led by husband and wife, Syd and Shae based in Utah. They do amazing work, and I definitely find myself making a mental list of all the things I want for our “one day” home when I see their photos. Their motto is “Make Life Beautiful”, and they do just that with every transformation. I also love that they share behind the scenes posts as well as the finished product.

Julia Engel, @juliahengeljuliaengelinstagramJulia, from the blog Gal Meets Glam has the loveliest Instagram feed. From her style shots, to her travel shots to photos of that day’s breakfast, everything is perfectly posed and poised. I admire Julia as she is elegant and always put together, and she really seems to have figured out what her style is. Plus all her photos of her San Francisco home make me wish I could move to Cali right now.

Who do you find inspiring on Instagram? Which accounts are your favourite?

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