Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations | November 2015

The Sephora VIB sale is finally upon us (for Rouge members, next week for VIB members)! On Tuesday, I shared what I was hoping to purchase this weekend (and more), so I thought that today I would take the opportunity to share some of the products I would recommend, in case you need a little guidance in your shopping spree. Sephora is one of my favourite places to shop for my beauty products, so I could give you an extremely long list, but I have narrowed it down to the products that I use on a regular basis, are my holy grail, or the ones that I compare all similar products to.

sephoravibsalerecommendationsBumble and bumble, Sunday Shampoo. I would recommend everything from Bumble’s line, but it really depends on your hair type as to what would work for you. Their clarifying shampoo will work for all hair types and styles, and is probably my favourite of everything that they offer (though their Creme de Coco range is a close second). Using this once a week helps to get rid of all the residue left in my hair, and gives it a fresh start.

Boscia, Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil. While I love The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Oil and have repurchased that one multiple times, I am always thinking about this one. This was the cleansing oil that made me realize that there was something out there that would actually clean makeup off my face properly and get all the mascara off so that I wouldn’t lose my eyelashes anymore. Although I can’t quite justify buying this one all the time, I do believe it’s worth the $38 to have a properly cleansed face.

Formula X, Fahrenheit. The whole line of nail polish and treatments are amazing. The base coat is the best I have ever used, and I’m still sad that I ran out recently. In terms of the actual nail polish, I have only tried a few colours, but I have been so impressed with all of them. While I love the nude shade, Thrilling, the cool and deep red, Fahrenheit is incredible. When I wore it around this time last year, I’m pretty sure that it was on my nails for more than a week without chipping, and would have likely continued that way if I hadn’t chosen a different shade to wear. I’m really looking forward to wearing this again soon.

Sephora, Cream Lip Stains. I have talked about this product a few times. These lip stains are my favourite and beat everything that I have ever tried in terms of longevity. I prefer the reds (Always Red and Strawberry Kiss) to the other shades, mainly because the other shades don’t work very well with my skin tone or aren’t my taste, but there is certainly something for everyone.

Fresh, Sugar Lip Polish. If you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks (or any lipstick, really) then a lip scrub will be your best friend. I’ve tried a few different lip scrubs in the past from DIY to mid-range to luxury, and this is by far my favourite. This scrub gets all of the not-so-desirable bits off of your lips, and leaves them feeling smooth and moisturized (and ready for another layer of lipstick).

Laura Mercier, Foundation Primer – Radiance. I haven’t tried all of the primers from Laura Mercier yet (I still have yet to try the hydrating one), but this one is amazing. If you are looking to give your face a hint of a glow without any oiliness or glitter, then you will love this. Applying the champagne toned primer to your face before your regular foundation will help balance out a matte foundation, or just give you the subtle version of the “J.Lo glow” we are all looking for.

beautyblender, the original beautyblender. There’s a reason why everyone raves about this — it’s amazing. I use this little magic sponge every day to help blend out my foundation and concealer and sheer things out when I get heavy-handed. I have never tried anything as good as this (though I will definitely be trying out the RealTechniques sponge to compare), and I definitely do think that it’s worth the price tag.

Tarte, Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush. I am not a blush girl, but I do love this one. These blushes are pigmented, but blend-able, and extremely long-lasting. Whenever I’m feeling a bit washed out (which doesn’t happen too often), adding a touch of this blush in Dollface gives my face some life, but it never looks jarring or unnatural.

Elizabeth and James, Nirvana Perfumes. I love the Nirvana Black perfume so much, especially at this time of year. If you are a fan of warm, vanilla or musky scents, than I would suggest this one. If you prefer lighter, floral scents then the Nirvana White would be likely up your alley. They also smell amazing together, so you can always get both and mix them.

Will you be shopping at the VIB sale this week or next? What are your favourite products from Sephora?


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  • Mmm… I love both the Nirvana fragrances! The white is such a good, light spring and summer scent, and the black is sooo nice for the colder months!

    • I totally agree. The black one is just fall in a bottle to me. I can’t wear a plaid shirt without a spritz of it!