The Weekend Post | 11.22.15

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It appears that our beautiful fall is officially over. Snow has come and with it came freezing temperatures and a greater desire to never leave the house. It’s a pretty quiet week here, and I’ve spent most of my free time watching Friday Night Lights, and trying to convince Christopher to work on his southern accent (he actually served part of his mission in the Texan town that the show was based on).

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Leggings // Nails // Toes

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Coat // Shirt // Pants // Boots (similar)

With the cool temperatures (really nothing colder than -5°, but I’m a wimp) and snow around, I find myself wishing it could be summer again. I really am a fall girl, but once it starts to feel like winter, I am just ready for summer again. So, to make myself feel better, I’ve been wearing brighter lipsticks and summer perfume trying to convince myself that it’s really not cold outside. Unfortunately that doesn’t work for very long, but that’s okay. Christmas will be here soon, so at least winter has that going for it. And on days when I’m happy to embrace the season, I’m all about that berry lip, since I’ve finally figured out a shade and combination that works for me.

Lips // Coat


Perfume // Nails


Eyeshadow // Blush // Lip liner, Lipstick // Top // Necklace (similar)

In exciting news, after three years, we finally have a proper couch! Now we can watch TV in the living room comfortably and we don’t have to apologize to guests about our lack of nice seating. I feel like we are adults now and I’m excited to put up our Christmas decorations in the next few days!

And now for my favourite links:

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I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! I get to spend some time with my baby nephew this morning and I am very much looking forward to cuddling with that sweet boy!


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