Wildflower | Book Review

review-drewbarrymorewildflowerWhen I first found out that Drew Barrymore was writing a book, I thought I would probably like to read it. And then I saw the cover art and I just wanted to have it in my collection, even if I didn’t read it. And then I saw this interview with Jimmy Fallon, and there was no question that I needed to read it.

From the first chapter of Wildflower, I was hooked. Rather than writing in a typical memoir format (following the periods and experiences of her life chronologically), she writes in stories which jump back and forth between different times in her life, from her experience as a child filming E.T. to the days her two daughters were born. She shares some of her difficult (that’s a pretty tame word for it actually) childhood and adolescence, but doesn’t go into too much detail. I actually liked that she focused more on the person she is now rather than who she used to be. Drew doesn’t ignore her past mistakes, but rather shares how they informed her choices now as a woman and a mother. Even her tribute to her mother, who was not a good example of what a mother should be is touching, as she recognizes that regardless of anything her mother did, she always owes her gratitude because she brought her into this world.

drewbarrymorewildflower-reviewReading these stories made me happy, they made me cry, and they made me grateful for the amazing life I have had so far. It also made me realize the influence that women can have — both good and bad, and that being nurturing and motherly isn’t a bad thing (which I feel is something being put out in society right now) and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t strong. Women are strong, but we can also be tender and selfless. Reading these stories made me want to be a better woman, a better friend,  (her stories about her best friend and business partner, Nancy — wife to Jimmy Fallon — will make you wish she could be your friend too), a better wife, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, aunt and eventually a better mother when the time comes.

For fans of Drew Barrymore the actress, I think that you would appreciate these stories as an insight into her film choices and will certainly make you want to have a Barrymore-Sandler movie marathon. For fans of Drew Barrymore as a person, you will certainly fall in love with her even more and see that she really is as sweet and down-to-earth as she seems.

Have you read this one yet? What did you think?


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