The Weekend Post 12.20.15

weekendpost122015Happy Sunday! This week has been pretty quiet (though I did finish one exam!), but the last two days have been pretty busy. It was Christopher’s birthday on Saturday, so we had our families over for dinner on Friday night. We ordered Chinese food from our favourite place close by and I also made a pretty tasty (if I do say so myself) cake out of ice cream sandwiches and whipped cream. Which reminds me, there are left overs in the freezer! I will have to indulge in those today. After dinner, the few that stayed late played Lord of the Rings Monopoly, which Christopher got as a gift. It was probably one of the best games of Monopoly I’ve ever played. No one fought, and it didn’t last four hours. We were all pretty tired though, and being overtired led to some hilarious nonsense. I love our families, and I am so glad we are able to spend so much time together, especially this time of year. It was pretty quiet at the house though, even with ten of us, but with my sister and her family visiting her in-laws, it meant baby Michael was the only grandchild there — but he knows how to keep everyone’s attention. icecreamsandwichcake

(We couldn’t find a “7” candle, so we just added another 2 to 25).



PJ pants

Before dinner, Christopher and I spent the day (since he took the day off work) getting the house ready and watching movies. He even watched White Christmas and The Wedding Singer (since reading Drew Barrymore’s book, I’ve had a movie craving). I think I’ve learned the secret to Christopher actually watching movies with me (our taste in movies doesn’t overlap much) — I ask him for help to clean, and then put a movie on and he’ll sit and watch it. Thankfully we had lots of time that day so I didn’t feel rushed at all, and we were able to enjoy time together.christophersbirthday

Christopher’s shirt // My sweater


(Apple pie tart at the party)

Yesterday we went out for breakfast with his parents, then came home and I had a much-needed nap before getting ready for the work Christmas party. We enjoyed a night out, and Christopher loved having a free steak dinner (especially on his birthday). His company is quite small, so the parties are always fun because everyone actually knows each other. I was mostly just excited to have an excuse to dress up, and wear my newest pair of shoes — these gorgeous sequin pumps. I will be sharing all the details of my Christmas party look on Monday, so watch out for that.


Dress // Perfume // Clutch // Pumps

I don’t have a whole list of links for you this week, but if you haven’t, you need to watch this Star Wars number from The Tonight Show!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday, and get some rest in before the last few days before Christmas! I have an exam tomorrow morning, and then I am officially finished my semester! I can’t wait!