December Playlist


December has been a great month as far as music is concerned. Of course, I spent the majority of the month listening to my favourite Christmas songs (you can read about my favourites here), but there were a few moments where I took a break to listen to new releases and old favourites too. I’m loving Coldplay’s new album, and though the single “Hymn for the Weekend” is great, I prefer “Birds” or “Army of One”. Cage the Elephant also released a new album recently, and the single “Mess Around” is fantastic. It’s perfect for chill mornings at home, late night cleaning sessions when your landlords aren’t home so you can turn it up, or even running too (though I wouldn’t know about the last one…). With the Beatles finally releasing their catalogue on Spotify and Apple Music, I have been listening to them a lot more and it’s been fantastic (though I already have the majority of the songs on my computer). Jack Johnson recently released a new song, “Seasick Dream” and of course it is beautiful. I can’t wait to find out when the new album comes out. This month has also been country heavy. Chris started listening to the country station again when he’s driving, and it’s the only station that I won’t change (I will always change the others when Justin Bieber starts playing. Ugh). Every time I’m in the car, Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man” is playing, and I seriously love it. I have also been playing “Country Nation” non-stop and feeling some Wildcat pride while doing so (how much longer until March?). You can listen to my December playlist below, or here. Also check out my 2015 playlist here.


What songs are on your playlist this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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