Shopaholic to the Rescue | Book Review

shopaholictotherescuebookreviewIt’s now time for my first book review of the year! I plan to do a lot of reading this year, so expect to see many more book reviews as the year goes on! Today, I am sharing my thoughts on the newest addition to the Shopaholic series. This was on my Fall Reading List, but unfortunately I’m only getting to now. But, it’s been a great first read for 2016, so perhaps it’s not so unfortunate that I put off reading it until recently.

shopaholictotherescuereview-3An immediate continuation of Shopaholic to the Stars (read my review here), Shopaholic to the Rescue follows Becky’s quest to find out what her father and Tarquin are up. Like every other Shopaholic instalment, there are a lot of funny bits, and if you’ve been a fan up to this point, many of the common Becky-isms are there too. Much like the last book, this one felt nostalgic to me as I read it, and reminds me why I love these characters so much. Once again there is a growth and maturity in the characters and less of the old and immature-Becky-hi-jinx (though there’s still a bit of hi-jinx — what do you expect?) than the first few books.

Also, I have found the perfect actor to play Luke Brandon (because the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic was decent, I suppose, but certainly not good enough and needs a reboot) — Gabriel Macht (Harvey Spectre). Perfect, right? I think so. Though I might be watching too many episodes of Suits as of late… but probably not. He’s a much better choice than Hugh Dancy (he’s better suited as Char in Ella Enchanted), in my opinion. End of the ramblings.

If you love the Shopaholic series and consider Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) a close and personal (book) friend, you will also love Shopaholic to the Rescue.

Are you a fan of the Shopaholic series? Have you read this one yet?


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  • So happy to have found this review! I absolutely love the series, although I do felt like the series has gone down hill overall after the 3rd book. I still pick up new ones for nostalgic purpose though; thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one!

    xo, Alice | Alice + TYPENU