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Every year, Pantone releases their colour of the year. The colour is often used as inspiration for decor, beauty and fashion. Sometimes the colour is perfect (like when they chose Emerald in 2013), and sometimes it’s not (like last year’s Marsala). This year, they went with two colours: Rose Quartz and Serenity. If you look at the colours side by side, you may think you’re about to see a gender reveal, but on their own they can be a lovely addition to your look this year. I don’t currently have anything close to either in my closet (but I will likely be adding something similar to rose quartz, because I do love blush-toned pink), but I do have a few in my nail polish drawer. 

Essie’s Fiji is the perfect light pink polish and very close to Rose Quartz. It’s opaque, but not bright, so it’s still sophisticated. I love wearing this shade in the spring, or even now when I need a little happiness on my nails to get me through winter. Although it is an opaque shade, it does take up to three coats to look nice. If I don’t do three coats (or two thicker ones) it will look patchy, which I really hate. Like I said, this shade is sophisticated, but it also adds a hint of girly whimsy to your look.

essiefinmeanoasisEssie’s Find Me an Oasis is one of my favourite pale blues. It is certainly paler than Serenity, but I found it harder to find a nice match for that baby blue shade, and think this one is more wearable and perfect for winter. Saltwater Happy is actually closer to the true shade, but I decided to take the shade as inspiration rather than picking something spot on. Find Me an Oasis is a lovely icy blue that goes on lighter than it looks in the bottle. I like to use two or three coats with this one as well, but it rarely goes on patchy. Just like Fiji, it’s perfect for spring or summer, but also works nicely in the winter due to its pastel shade.

What do you think of the Pantone choice of colours for 2016? Would you wear these shades as nail polish?



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  • They are absolutely not my cup of tea. I don’t like pastels in my clothes or in my makeup, the only part where I can wear it is my nails. Maybe I will follow your lead and go get one of these. Marsala was way more to my liking.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I will wear pastels occasionally, but only as an accent. I’m not sure that I would wear the blue though, unless it’s on my nails as I much prefer navy.

      • Pastels just wash me out, it is not a good look on me.

  • Christina

    I was disappointed when I heard the colours. They remind me too much of the 80’s which I really would not like to re-visit. I did see some decor accents that were cute but I’m still not convinced.

    • I totally get that. I think they’re colours that really only work in certain ways, but I do wish they had picked something with a little more punch.

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