Rose Quartz | Style Inspiration

On Monday, I shared a couple of my nail polish picks inspired by the Pantone colours of the year. Today, I am back with the same idea, but rather than nail polish, I’m talking about style in general. There are so many ways to add a bit of Rose Quartz to your look. From jewelry to coats to bags, there is something that will work for you and your style.


Nail Polish // Ring // Coat // Dress // Pumps //Bag // Watch

For a bold statement, this stunning coat is perfect, as is this lovely lace dress. Lace and pink are just the perfect combination aren’t they? They are also great for adding a bit of happy to your winter. These pumps and this bag are the perfect mix of classic and feminine and I would probably wear them every day if I could (on a funny note, I had Christopher guess the price of a YSL bag the other day, and he was really far off). If pastels aren’t your thing, or you don’t like the way pink looks on you, how about this gorgeous watch or this sheer pink polish? And finally, why not go literal with this beautiful rose quartz ring?

How will you wear rose quartz? Do you prefer to go subtle or to make a statement?