The Weekend Post | 02.14.16

weekendpost021416Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday with someone you love. It’ll be a quiet day for us here. After church I’m hoping to convince Christopher to watch an Audrey Hepburn movie. Though maybe I owe Christopher a movie choice since he did take me to Zoolander 2 on Friday night. Yeah, he really loves me. Yesterday I celebrated Galentine’s day with my mom and sisters with a brunch and cuddles with the babies. I’m thinking we need to make it a tradition. Thank you, Leslie Knope.


valentinesdaymakeupSweater (similar here)// Lipgloss // Ring (similar here)

It’s been unusually warm here in Calgary, which makes me happy but hesitant. I love the warm days, but hate knowing that winter could come back any day. I wish that spring could just come already. I miss it. But really, we’ve had a pretty decent winter and I shouldn’t be upset when the temperature dips a little bit below zero, especially since it’s an excuse to wear a cute scarf. Then again, I wouldn’t be the least bit upset if it didn’t snow again until December. I really enjoy not having to wear socks.

Now for my favourite links:

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How did you spend your weekend? Are you also looking forward to the discounted chocolate tomorrow?


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