The Weekend Post | 02.21.16

weekendpost022116I may have eaten my weight in sugar cookies this week, but it’s been a good one overall. When I thinking about what to share about my week, all I could think was that I’ve had a pretty bland week. I’ve had far too little sleep, and not been as productive as I should have been. Though despite the fact that it’s been kind of a dull week, there have been a few great moments. I made some sugar cookies for a Relief Society Meeting (once a month the women from my church congregation get together), and remembered both that I love and hate making sugar cookies. It’s been at least four years since I last made sugar cookies (I’m all about chocolate chip lately — recipe coming soon!) and I forgot how much work they are. But I also forgot how delicious they are. I might have to make another batch (or two) soon. I also got to enjoy another girls night with a few friends, and it was wonderful to sit and talk about anything and everything. I’m generally an introvert, but I love getting together with friends in small groups and find it does a lot to boost my spirit.




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Here’s to an even better (and definitely more productive) week starting tomorrow!