Soft Lilac Nails | Mani Monday

Spring may still be a couple of weeks away, but with the lovely weather we’ve been having, I’m ready to ditch my winter nail polish colours in favour of some pastels and brighter shades. While I’ve been wearing brighter shades more than usual this past month (mostly because I’ve rediscovered some old favourites), now is the time that I really get into pastels and lighter shades, and it doesn’t seem out-of-place. I’ve paired down my nail polish quite a bit recently, so I feel like I can actually wear everything I have (though I could always do with less), and I can get to my less worn polishes.

essieunderwhere?One of those lesser worn shades is “Under Where?” from Essie. Released as part of the Resort Collection in 2013, this soft lilac shade is the perfect shade to welcome spring. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, subtle and bright, which may seem like a contradiction, but you understand, right? I’d say it’s a cross between “Go Ginza” and “Play Date”, which are two shades any purple polish lover is sure to love as well. Besides the gorgeous colour, the formula is really lovely too, as it goes on smooth but very thin so though two or three coats are a must, it somehow never escapes the lines of my nails, even when I’m not being very careful. I’m not exactly sure how that happens, but I won’t complain!

Do you bring out your pastel shades this time of year? What is your favourite purple shade?

ps. More purple nails, the perfect nude, and the perfect pink polish.


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  • I really like that colour! Light pinkish/purplish are my favourite shades. Where did you find it in town?

    • I bought it at least two years ago, and I actually think I found it online. You can find in now on