Catching More Zzz’s with Here & Now Botanicals

hereandnowbotanicalsThough I can be a morning person with a little bit of persistence and routine, I tend to be a night owl at heart. Unfortunately, the tendency to watch just one more episode of The Office or read one more chapter means that on mornings when I am working, or have something else going on, I never get enough sleep. Training myself to go to bed earlier isn’t always easy, but thankfully, I have recently found a couple of products that help me do just that.

hereandnowbotanicalsEarlier this year, I was lucky enough to receive some product from the aromatherapy skin care Vancouver based brand, Here & Now Botanicals. Here & Now carries a wide range of aromatherapy oils and mists, skin and body care, as well as men’s grooming products. There were so many things to choose from, but I decided to try the Dream Aromatherapy Oil and the Sweet Sassafras Aromatherapy Mist.

dreamaromatherapyoilThe Dream Aromatherapy Oil is contained in a rollerball, which makes it so easy to use, and perfect for travel too. The combination of sunflower seed, jasmine, and lavender oils work together to soothe, relax and act as a natural sedative. Most nights, I apply some to my wrists, and along my hair-line as my last step in my night-time routine. The lovely combination of oils help me to feel completely relaxed and allow me to turn off for the day, rather than staying up thinking about all the things I need to do, or didn’t do that day, or whatever else my brain likes to remind me of right when I need to be sleeping. I find that I am able to enjoy a better sleep when I use this oil, and it has been a lifesaver when I need to turn the lights out before 10:00, but my body wants to stay up longer.

sweetsassafrasaromatherapymistFor an extra measure of relaxing, especially on nights when I am feeling extra anxious about one thing or another, I like to spray the Sweet Sassafras Aromatherapy Mist on my pillow. This little spray has a lovely combination of purified water, myrtle, birch, coriander, benzoin and orange oil,  as well as frankincense. This mist is able to ease nerves and anxiety as well as diminish the symptoms of depression and general discontentment. I find this mist to be especially helpful on days when I’m feeling underwhelmed and unmotivated (usually around that time of the month), as I breathe in the sweetness of the spray to help clear my mind and breathe out negativity.

Overall, I have found these aromatherapy oils and mists from Here & Now Botanicals to be incredibly helpful in not only helping me to fall asleep faster, but to get a better sleep, and in turn a better morning the next day too. You can check out all of their products here, and I’m sure you will be able to find something that will help you with any problems — mental or physical — that you are currently facing.

Do you use aromatherapy? What oils are your favourite?


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