Four Eyes

dolce&gabbana3245glassesWhen I was seven years old, I desperately wanted to get glasses. My parents wore glasses, and my older sister got her first pair that year too. I remember being at the store, trying on all the frames while we waited for Marni to pick out her new pair. Despite the fact that everyone in my family needed glasses eventually (my brother got his a few years later), my eye doctor told me when I was 19 that I had “the most normal vision” that he’d ever seen. I bought countless pairs of fake glasses over the years, because I just loved the way glasses looked on me. My sister made fun of me for it, and swears that I lied on my eye tests so that the doctor would think I needed glasses. I don’t remember that.

Now, fast forward eight years. For the past few months, I’ve been noticing small changes in my vision, changes which are alarming to someone who has had perfect vision for nearly 27 years. I couldn’t see small type on the TV, and I was experiencing more eye strain than normal when I spent a few hours on the computer (which is typical a few days a week when I’m working on the blog, or binge watching Netflix). I wasn’t sure if it was just that I needed to take more frequent breaks from my screen time, or if I actually needed some help from glasses. Two weeks ago, Christopher and I finally got around to seeing the eye doctor. It was so weird not being able to see all the letters on the eye chart clearly, like I could years ago. The optometrist gave me a prescription, and suggested that though I can live happily without getting glasses, it would be a good idea for me to get them given the amount of time I spend looking at a computer screen. I tried not to smile when he told me this, but I think Chris caught it.

dolce&gabbana3245glassesA few days later, I went to shop for frames with my sister-in-law, Chantelle. She was definitely the best person to go with, as she has good style, is honest about her opinions, and has the patience to go shopping with me. Though Christopher is great, we both agreed that he wouldn’t have been as much of a help, and would certainly have been bored as I tried on about 15 different frames. I finally settled on this pair from Dolce & Gabbana (yes I do feel fancy wearing D&G on my face).  I wanted something that would be flattering on my face shape, as well as my colouring and I think I found the perfect mix of sophistication and fun. I love the classic look of the dark tortoise-shell and the pop of reddish-pink along the inside.

dolce&gabbana3245glassesNow that I’ve had my glasses for just over a week, I’m almost used to wearing them. Well, sort of. I try to keep them by my laptop, so I always remember to wear them when I need them. I’ve worn them a few times when I didn’t actually need them, and the first time I did it was a total mistake. I didn’t think to factor in how they would affect my depth perception, even with such a minimal prescription and spent half of a shift at work feeling sick. I’m glad that I don’t have to wear them all the time, and can take a break when I want to (wearing them for too long still gives me minimal headaches). Also, I definitely didn’t realize how fast they get smudged and dirty. I have to clean them so often! I still feel like I’m still faking it, and I don’t really need glasses, but then I take them off for a second while watching TV and I’m amazed at the difference that they make.

As I spend more time with glasses, I’m sure I will be sharing more posts about them, as well as how my beauty routine fits in with frames on my face.


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