#albertastrongOn a normal day, I love the city, province and country that I live in. People are kind, the landscape is beautiful, and we have all that we need (and more). What makes me love this beautiful place even more is when there is tragedy. Of course I would rather nothing bad ever happen, but being able to see people taking care of their neighbour is a beautiful thing.

After the horrific fires in Fort McMurray destroyed homes and more last week, I found it so hard to spend any time online. I consider myself a sensitive person, who is effected deeply by things of that nature. It puts me in a bad state of mind to continually read about such devastation, and so sometimes I just have to turn it off. Some might think of that as callous or ignorant, but it saves my spirit from dwelling on things that I have no power over.

There is something that helps that though. As I said before, seeing how people in this province overcome tragedy makes me love it even more. I have been so amazed at the charitable actions of so many offering their homes, their belongings, their money to help strangers. But really, it shouldn’t surprise me. Every time that there has been a disaster like this, the response has been the same. People help in every way that they can, and it is truly humbling to see. I have been reminded this last week that there is really so much goodness in the world, and that God watches over His children — often through others. I have been reminded that small gestures do make a difference, and that even if you think what you have to offer isn’t enough, it will help. Do what you can with what you have, where you are.

I am so proud to be an Alberta girl.


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