Monthly Playlist | May 2016

mayplaylist2Every month, I’m excited about the new music I have to share with you, but this month I’m extra excited. Summer is usually a great time for new tunes, and this one is no exception. Like the rest of the world, I’m obsessed with Justin Timberlake’s new single “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and listen to it daily. I discovered some great new (to me) artists like Kygo and Stephen and love their new albums. After watching Captain America: Civil War earlier this month, I can’t stop listening to alt-Js “Left Hand Free”, which plays in the credits. It’s just the perfect song for hanging out, cleaning, or getting some motivation to write. May has also been a great month for a lot of bands that I have loved for years. There are new singles out from blink-182, Band of Horses and Billy Talent. Rooney released a new album (after six long years) and it is just as good as you would expect. I’ve been listening to “Why” and “All the Beautiful People” over and over. And finally, the best thing about music this May is my favourite band of my youth, Brand New released a new single, “I Am a Nightmare”. It’s got a lot of Deja Entendu tones to it, which I love. I really hope that they’ll release an album soon and that it will be great (because I read somewhere that it will be their last).

You can listen to my May playlist below, or here (along with the rest of my monthly playlists).mayplaylist

What songs are you loving this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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