Living Room Update Wish List

Since we bought our new couch last fall, we haven’t done anything new to our living room. With summer coming up, and because I spend so much time in the living room (watching Netflix, writing, etc), I’m feeling antsy to change some things up and update this space. I’m in my research phase right now (which is probably Christopher’s least favourite, because chairs, coffee tables and fixtures are all I talk about), so I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces right now and a bit of the vision I have to make this space more of a home. livingroomwishlist

Chair // Shelving Unit // Throw // Pillow // Coffee Table // Lamp

In terms of seating right now, we have our couch, a rocking chair and the old couch/futon that needs to be replaced. I love the idea of adding two accent chairs in place of the old couch to keep the separation between the living room and kitchen, without adding extra bulk that a couch would. I love the look of mid-century style chairs like this onethis one, or this one. They add some interest and look great with a cute pillow or throw draped over.

We do have a working coffee table right now, but I don’t love that our coffee table and couch are both white (we’ve also had it since we got married four years ago). I would love to replace it with something with a wood or glass top (or both, like this one) that is still functional, and goes well with the couch and chairs. I especially like how a glass top opens up the space, which is why we also plan on replacing our current shelving with something more open, like this one.

For a final touch, it would be nice to finally have a lamp in the living room. We do have pretty good lighting right now, but if I’m reading on the couch (or our new chairs), it’s always nice to have some extra light. I love industrial style floor lamps, and feel that something like this would tie in the coffee table and shelving unit.

I still have a bit to work out in terms of budget and where everything will go, but I’m excited to make some changes, and see how it will add new life to our space. Hopefully I’ll have updates to share within a month or so!


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