Thoughts on Graduating from University

IMG_2157Though I finished classes in December, I had my convocation yesterday. Sitting in the gym as the ceremony was taking place, I was reminded of one of the first times I had been in that gym, during my freshmen orientation. It was interesting how my university education had now come full circle, and I was finally at that point that I had dreamed of those 9 years earlier.

IMG_4861I’ve talked about my struggles with university a few times here before. Two years ago, if you’d asked me if I would finish my degree, I probably would have said no. I had come to a breaking point, and because I hadn’t kept my mental health in check, and been more diligent in my studies, I needed a break. I mentioned before that that break was one of the best decisions of my life, and it really helped me grow as a person and figure out what it was I wanted in terms of my education. Sitting there yesterday, listening to the speeches about the importance of education, I was reminded of why I went to university in the first place — I love to learn. I love academics, and though I hated being graded on my thoughts, I love the atmosphere of secondary education. I may not have graduated with the people I started my degree with (I only recognized one person yesterday, because I took a class with her last semester), or have graduated with distinction, but I graduated. I did something that I once thought would be no big deal, and later thought was impossible.




IMG_4977I say that I did it, but that’s really not the whole truth. I have had such an amazing support system. My entire family (especially my parents and Christopher) have been there for me through the thick and thin of it all, encouraging me to live up to my potential, and get as much education as possible.

I also know that I wouldn’t have graduated without the help of my Heavenly Father. I often can’t believe that I’ve actually graduated, because of the dark place I was in a few years ago. I know that I didn’t finish my last semester alone, and I know that He was there for me the entire time, and that it was a miracle that I finished.

Now I have a piece of paper that says I’m a graduate, but more importantly than that, I have a memory of finishing something I started, and being able to share that with those I love most. Thank you everyone who has helped me get to this milestone. I couldn’t have done it without you!