Style Wish List | Winter 2017

Though I spend the majority of my time inside these days, I am always looking to do a little refresh of my wardrobe, especially when a new season comes around. Today I’ve rounded up a few items that I’d like to add to my closet this winter.

Skirt // Rings // Sweater // Mittens // Pants // Top

I love a good shirt and skirt combo, and the skirts I currently own have been worn to death lately (especially this one). This pretty pleated skirt in an unexpected colour for me (not black?!) would be perfect.

While packing for my husband’s work party this weekend (their headquarters are in Edmonton, so we had a quick road trip this weekend), I realized that I have not bought any new tops for a while, and though I live in t-shirts and jeans most of the time (except Sundays), I could use more sweaters (as I’m typing this it’s currently -21 outside) and cute tops that I can wear to dress up jeans, with skirts, or a pair of coloured denim (in the perfect winter shade).

While we’re talking about cold weather, though I probably own at least three pairs right now, I think I could probably use another pair of mittens. I always seem to misplace mine (or leave them on the train — that happened at least twice when I was in university), so why not pick up one with a really cute print? There’s no way I’d lose these (at least not for a few weeks…)

Lastly, I am always on the hunt for cute jewelry. I love a good accessory, and some simple midi rings would be a great finishing touch to any of my looks this winter (even if my fingers are hidden in my mittens).

What are you shopping for this winter?


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