Monthly Playlist | January 2017

It feels good to be posting a monthly playlist again. I don’t feel like I’ve had a successful blogging month unless I’ve done that (and shared my favourites and outfits — coming next week).

2017 started out great with some new music, both from old favourites and new ones. You’ve probably heard Ed Sheeran’s new tracks by now, and I bet you love them too. “Castle on the Hill” is my favourite and listen to it at least once a day. I’ve also been loving the latest from Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness as well as The Shins and Rascal Flatts. I’ve rounded out this month’s playlist with new songs from The Chainsmokers, Ryan Adams and Tyler Hilton (any One Tree Hill fans out there?), as well as Grant-Lee Phillips’s “Winterglow” which I’ve been listening to a lot since the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Also, Dashboard Confessional’s cover of “Love Yourself” is perfect and has finally given me a reason to love this song.

I think this year’s going to be a good one when there’s so much good music out there right now.

You can listen to my January playlist below, or here (as well as my previous monthly playlists from 2016 and 2015). And as a side note, if you don’t completely trust my taste in music, my 14 month old nephew dances to these songs on a regular basis, so you’ve got the Mikey stamp of approval to go by.

What songs are you loving to this month? Let me know in the comments below. 


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