Scrappy Little Nobody | Book Review

When a celebrity I love releases a memoir, you know I’m going to read it. It was no different when Anna Kendrick released her memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody. I did go back and forth wondering if it would be worth it, but decided (when I found it for 40% off) to give it a go because this year I just want to read everything.

If you’ve ever seen Anna Kendrick interviewed or follow her on Twitter, then you will know she’s funny, often sarcastic and very honest. The same was true in her writing. Kendrick details her experiences as an actress starting in Broadway when she was 12, her move to LA and movies and everything in between.

As I mentioned, she is incredibly honest (at times too honest in my opinion), which has become her thing, something to expect from her and makes her very relatable. And though I laughed a lot, there was one chapter about her grandmother’s death that made me cry, which was unexpected.

If you love a good laugh, appreciate Kendrick’s humour and are looking for a quick read, I would definitely recommend Scrappy Little Nobody.

Have you read Scrappy Little Nobody? What are you reading right now?


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