My (Not So) Perfect Life | Book Review

When Sophie Kinsella writes a book, I read it. That’s just how it goes. So when her latest, My (Not So) Perfect Life was released last month, I picked it up (actually I had my mom pick it up for me, she’s really awesome like that) as soon as I could. I knew it would be good because I’m rarely disappointed by Kinsella (I own all but one of her novels), but being that the story didn’t involve my favourite shopaholic, I still didn’t know what to expect.

My (Not So) Perfect Life tells the story of Katie Brenner, a twenty-something woman working in London for a branding company. Living in London has always been her dream, but with a severe lack of funds it’s not as perfect as she imagined it could be, but that doesn’t mean she can’t fake it with a perfect Instagram feed. She idolizes her boss, and wishes she could have her perfect life. When she is unceremoniously let go, she moves back home to the country for a period, to help her dad and step-mum with their new glamping business. While there, her old boss shows up, forcing Katie to face what’s happened, as well as see that maybe not everything it as it seems.

I loved how relatable the characters were, as well as the story. As one who puts a lot of effort into creating the perfect Instagram feed, I know that a set of pictures tells very little about what a person’s life is really like. The novel was funny, yet poignant and an important read for anyone that struggles with making your life as perfect as the ones you see on social media.

If you already love everything by Sophie Kinsella, you’ll love this one.

Have you read My (Not So) Perfect Life? What are you reading right now?


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