Unseasonably Warm

December has been unseasonably warm this year. In fact, we’ve had record high temperatures here in Calgary. I haven’t had to pull out my winter coat since November and have been getting by with either cozy sweaters or a light jacket. My winter boots also haven’t had any time to play since the last big snowfall earlier last month. I am not complaining one bit, as I’ve been able to wear this dress practically non-stop.

Living in Alberta all my life, it’s common knowledge that our weather is completely unreliable and ever changing. I’ve seen snow in August and many brown Christmases. Though I’m a Calgarian through and through, I am still not a fan of cold temperatures (I don’t mind it being below 0, but I hit my limit at -10), and I believe that snow should only exist at certain times of the year (and also stay off the roads).

Dress, Cleo Madison // Sweater, Old Navy // Boots, Call it Spring (similar here) // Bag, Kate Spade // Lipstick, Bite Beauty

After weeks of no snow, we got a dusting today (though it’s already half melted), and there’s more coming this week. I should be happy that it’s not -20 and that it’s looking like we’ll have a white Christmas, but I have really come to love the mild temperatures these last few weeks. It’s really easy for me to adjust to warmer temperatures, but not the cold, even when it’s what most would call normal. Here’s hoping one day I can find the perfect place that isn’t too cold in the winters, but also not too hot in the summer (the husband hates the heat and loves the cold — I told you we have nothing in common), and also has distinct seasons. Does such a place exist?