MACnificent Me! Eye Shadow Palette

macnificentmepalettereviewTo be honest, this is actually my first experience with MAC shadows. For years, I avoided MAC stores because I always found them to be a little bit intimidating, and I preferred browsing in stores like Sephora, which always had more options and (in my opinion) friendlier staff. But when I saw this palette from the MACnificent Me collection, I really wanted to try it out. When I got it in the mail, I was disappointed at first with the size of the palette (it’s basically the size of my palm), but after using it a few times, I was really impressed. The shadows are definitely more pigmented on the lids than they appear in the palette and they have been perfect for blending, transition colours, and for everyday wear.



(L-R MACnificent Me!, Quiet Type, Dance in the Dark, Fabulous DNA, Pleasing to the Eye, Sable, Frankly Frosty, In My Element, Cool Complement)

With a good mixture of matte and frosted shadows (and one lustre), this is a great palette for someone just starting to build their makeup collection, for travel, or just for someone like me who lives and breathes neutral shadows. They all blend extremely well, have a good amount of pigment, like I mentioned, and last pretty well throughout the day. Unfortunately, I don’t actually have real experience with other MAC eyeshadows, but what I have been able to gather from others is that this palette is very similar in quality and better than some of the other 9-shadow palettes that were released earlier this year.

While I do love every colour in this palette (which doesn’t always happen when it comes to eye shadow palettes), my favourites are Sable (which is available in the permanent collection), In My Element (which I love for adding a hint of sparkle) and Pleasing to the Eye (which is a great warm toned transition shade).

Have you tried this palette, or anything from the MACnificent Me collection? What is your favourite MAC eye shadow?


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